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CRA Tax Abatement Application

  1. Property for which Tax Abatement is Requested
  2. Property Owner Information
  3. Project Information
  4. Type of Project
  5. Housing Tenure Type (if residential)
  6. Upload an electronic (PDF) copy of all CLOSED building permits and/or the Certificate of Occupancy issued for the work claimed. Please call your contractor or the Greene County Department of Building Regulation at 562-7420 to obtain the closed permits. If the rehabilitation work did not require building permits, City staff will seek a written statement from the Greene County Department of Building Regulation to that effect.
  7. Upload electronic (PDF) documentation to support cost of improvements. Documentation may be submitted in one of the following formats: - A list identifying the general categories of the work completed, the date the work was completed, and each category’s expense. - The final affidavit of the draw payments of the construction contract (only applies to expansion/rehabilitation projects; please ensure that the affidavit includes a description of the work completed) - Signed copy of the HUD Settlement Statement of the bank loan taken out for the construction costs.
  8. Declaration
    I declare under the penalties of falsification that I have read the online guidelines of the City of Xenia Community Reinvestment Area program and that this application, including all enclosed documents and statements, has been examined by me, and to the best of my knowledge and belief is true, correct, and complete.
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