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Adopt-A-Spot Application

  1. An acknowledgment sign will be provided with your name/group/business stating

    Adopted by (Please provide correct spelling, please print clearly, and please be brief! Example “The Jones Family” or “Girl Scout Troop 122”)

  2. Do You Already Have a Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) Contact?
    If not, one will be provided.
  3. Name and Phone Number
  4. We/I promise to maintain designated flower bed(s) or flower pot(s) from May 15, 2023 (or upon execution of this application if after May 15th) through November 1, 2023. This includes:

    Weekly weeding, trimming, deadheading of existing plantings; do not remove the existing ornamental grasses (in the flower beds)

    Adding additional plantings as needed - only annual flowers (not trees, shrubs, or perennials)

    Flower beds and flower pots should be watered regularly, especially during periods of intense heat or during prolonged periods when regular precipitation does not occur (the City will assist with routine watering during regular working hours)

    Weekly trash, debris pick up/clean up

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