What's neXt, Xenia? Make your voice heard!

nextplan logo w survey 09222023 Opens in new windowXenia is YOUR home, and this is YOUR chance to shape its future! 

Participate now by taking our brief Vision and Goals Survey! 

If you couldn't make it to our September 20 meeting, no worries! By clicking the picture to the left, you can participate virtually, from the comfort of your home, by answering questions that cover the same topics as the September 20 meeting. Your answers will help us develop the Vision and Goals of neXtPlan - the guiding framework for the plan's recommendations - in the areas of housing/development, parks and trails, mobility/transportation, and infrastructure.

Upcoming Events (click neXtPlan Schedule for more):

Thursday, October 5, 4:00-7:00 PM: Pop-up event at Dairy Station - Play a game or take our vision/goals survey for $1 off! 

Thursday, October 12: Trivia night at Devil Wind Brewing - Take our vision/goals survey for $1 off!

Thursday, November 16: Next public meeting - Help develop strategies and map future land uses!

Xplore Report: Learn about survey results and community trends! 

As you help us create neXtPlan, click here to view interactive results of the 2022-23 neXtPlan Community Survey as well as other community data and maps. This information is here for you to explore so residents and leaders can all be on the same page as we plan for the future. You can also access a printable PDF version by clicking here.

Scroll through the presentation or click the links to jump to any of the sections: General, Housing and Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Mobility, Utilities and Public Safety. On the Survey Results slides, click right/left to scroll through the charts, and click on the maps/charts to the right to see only the survey responses from a particular neighborhood or group of people.